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5 Tips to Prepare You for Your Newborn Session | Ohio Newborn Photographer

I know what it is like to prepare for a newborn session. You have a new baby, you are stressed thinking about prepping for your session, and not to mention tired from the lack of sleep you might be getting. I totally get it! Here are 5 tips below to help you prepare ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling for your newborn session last minute…

  1. Plan to do your session within 1-3 weeks after your baby is born. If you want the really sleep baby photos then I recommend doing it within 1-1.5 weeks after your baby is born. Don’t worry about it if you can’t do it within that time though, we will still get those adorable baby photos no matter what. After your baby arrives just send me a message and we will get your session scheduled!
  2. Session will last 1.5-2 hours long. We will not be taking photos for the whole entire time. I account for feeding, changing, soothing your baby during the session. We want to make sure baby is happy so that we can get those adorable photos.
  3. Outfits for your family.
    • For her – I recommend doing a flowy dress as it is super flattering and allows for easy movement. If you aren’t a dress person then opt for jeans with a flowy sweater.
    • For him – I recommend colored pants (think beige, tan, gray, navy) and a plain shirt (button down or tshirt). Avoid cargo pants/shorts, graphic tshirts, and anything with sayings/letters on it.
    • For baby – I recommend a white onesie and neutral swaddle (I bring swaddles with me as well). We can also add a bow/headband in for some photos if you have a little girl.
    • Colors – I recommend soft neutral color palette. This allows the main focus to be on your sweet baby’s little features and you as a family. Avoid bold patterns, outfits with sayings/letters, and designs.
  4. Try to feed your baby right before your session. This helps make sure the baby has a full tummy and is happy. I recommend having them in the white onesie or neutral swaddle if you have one before you feed them so that they are ready to go when they finish eating. Also if you put them in this before I recommend keeping a burp rag close by to make sure no milk gets on baby’s outfit/swaddle.
  5. Remove the clutter. You don’t need to clean your whole entire house. Just pick up the rooms we will be doing photos in (I normally use nursery, master bedroom, and living room). Also open up curtains/blinds to bring in that natural light.

Bonus Tip: SOAK IT ALL IN! Your baby is only little this once and it is not something you can get back. Embrace this moment in time with your family while I capture these fleeting memories for you to look back on years later.

If you are interested in newborn portraits, I would love to chat. Fill out my contact form here and I’ll reach out to you soon!

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