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Hospital Photos of Our Twin Boys | Family Photographer | Schneider Family

On March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day, we went to our final appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine. If you don’t know when you have twins you automatically become high risk and are referred to an MFM doctor where they will do all your ultrasounds. We went into this appointment knowing that the following week I would be having my c-section on the 23rd of March.

For the majority of my pregnancy I had a vessel over my cervix which meant I was going to have to have a c-section because it most likely wasn’t going to move. They continued to track the vessel and it stayed in the same spot. When we went in for this appointment they saw that my cervix was thinning and that coupled with the fact that I had been cramping a little bit at night they didn’t want to risk it. They told us we were to come back in and I would have my c-section that day at 3pm.

We went home got everything packed up and then headed back to the hospital. The nerves definitely started kicking in at this point. We arrived at labor and delivery where they hooked me up to the monitors and got me around for my c-section

Later that day we had two perfect baby boys. They ended up in the NICU which was unexpected and a story for another time. We are so happy to announce our twin boys, Rhett and Sutton Schneider!

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