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Getting married? Need to plan your wedding timeline but don’t know where to start? I got you.

Wedding Day Timeline made easy: Scroll to find out 3 tips to help when making your timeline…

These are 3 of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding day timeline.

  1. Not being very detailed with the schedule
    • It is important to create a very detailed timeline for the entire day, including things like the start and end times for hair and makeup, photography times, ceremony, reception and any other events happening during your wedding day.
  2. Not adding in buffer time between each part of your day
    • Allow for extra time in between each part in case of unexpected delays or last-minutes adjustments.
  3. Not accounting for travel time
    • If you have more than one location you need to add extra time for travel. Look up how long it takes to get from one place to the next. Then add on 15-20 extra minutes to account for people getting in/loading cars and traffic.

Brides – not sure how to put together your wedding day timeline? I got you. Photographers – not sure how to help your couples with their wedding day timeline? I got you.

I have put together two sample timelines just for YOU. One with and one without a first look! Download this guide and use it as a sample when planning your timeline. Just adjust the times and events to customize it for your wedding day.

P.S. If you are one of my couples, I do all of the hard work for you. You simply answer a couple questions in the questionnaire I send. Then I go to work building you the perfect timeline (That’s right I do all the work for you). Lastly, we review and tweak what we need a week-two weeks before your big day.

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Vendor Checklist – This is checklist to help you know which vendors to get. You just check them off once you book with them. It also has a recommended timeframe of when you should book each vendor by.

Details Checklist – This is a checklist for the details you should include for your photographer on your wedding day. You just use this checklist and gather your details in a box for your wedding day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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